Héllena is a Singer/Songwriter born and raised in the shadow of the mighty Mountain of the Gods, Olympus, in Greece. She chose the traditional stage name Héllena because she’s passionate about remaining close to her roots, of which she’s rightly very proud, loyal and faithful. Having studied Classical piano and modern singing, Héllena started writing her own material in 2009. She has since collaborated with notable Greek Artists, including MTV award winning Producer Stereo Mike.

She’s presently introducing a niche genre crossover of Dream Pop/Indie Rock which is drawing attention from across the globe. It’s Héllena’s unique and innovative style that ensures she stands out not only because of her infectious twist on Pop/Rock influences but also the sultry and ethereal sweet dynamic of her luscious vocal tone which combined with haunting, melodious harmonies and an operatic falsetto add an alluring mystique in terms of both her music and magnetic persona. The moody, soulful qualities encapsulated within Héllena’s original material accentuate the magical, and sometimes darker, elusive elements of her music. This is further augmented by a diverse and eclectic versatility which allows Héllena to evolve into an extensive repertoire of musical tastes deriving from many cultures, one of which incorporates an intriguing Eastern flavour.

Currently in the process of recording an EP and Album of original material, Héllena is taking on the Producer’s role in her debut capacity. The EP release prior to the Summer of 2018, entitled “Kissed The Sun”, comprises four songs: Kissed the Sun, I Had To Burn, Entwined and Addiction which will all be stripped back compositions to allow a spiritual purity of the music to flow from the soul.