Hellena was born and raised in the shadow of the Mountain of the Gods, Olympus, in Greece. She is a singer, songwriter, director and composer. Her creations regularly marry the Eastern/Western world whilst sonically fusing dreamy/ethereal and dark/distorted sensibilities.

Her lyrics are often philosophical and existential, transporting the listener to a mystical land or offering poignant reflection and introspection. Typically influenced by observations of the world and life, her vocals are driven by beautiful melodies and carefully crafted harmonies.

Now residing in London, she has subsequently played at some of the capital's most exclusively renowned venues such as The Troubadour. In addition, she has charted in the Top 20 MTV Unsigned listing and performed at the legendary Texas festival SXSW as well as The Beatles’ world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool. Live appearances on the likes of BBC London Radio 94.9FM have further enhanced Hellena’s exposure. Ensuing features, interviews and performances for many other major national, international and global radio stations continue to both consolidate and strengthen her ever flourishing artistic reputation.

Hellena independently released her debut EP "Kissed the Sun" last year, followed by a further single entitled "Love is Dead". Her latest release entitled “The Parthenon Marbles (bring them back)” is a composition both inspired by, and dedicated to, the Parthenon Marbles which have been unlawfully held in the possession of the British Museum for over 200 years. On 20th June,

Hellena created history by holding the 1st ever peaceful music protest in the British Museum on behalf of the Marbles within their own gallery. She chose this date to release her song, which she performed there ten times, as it represents the tenth anniversary since the opening of the Acropolis Museum in Athens. This is home to the other half of the Parthenon Marbles and is where they should be rightfully reunified as one artefact.

Hellena’s song and historic event have captured the attention of the global media on both a national and international scale, as well as the hearts and imagination of organisations around the world who are committed to raising awareness of this injustice dating back over 200 years. It occurred when half of the Marbles were savagely removed from the Parthenon by Lord Elgin and brought to England to initially form part of his personal collection, before being sold to the British Museum when he encountered financial difficulties. The British and Australian Committees for the Reunification of the Parthenon Marbles have particularly endorsed and been supportive of Hellena’s latest work which is currently inspiring a whole new generation of interest in this most worthy of causes to right the wrongs of the past, something Hellena feels both emotionally attached to and passionate about.

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